Lydia Potter


Lydia Potter, BSN, BA

Regis University
Denver, CO
United States

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Lydia both in the classroom and at several clinical sites where I observed the remarkable presence that she carries among peers, patients, their family members, and hospital staff. Whether a classmate is facing a challenging and potentially life-changing dilemma, or a patient is struggling to make a connection with their assigned nurse, Lydia never fails to reach out to those in need. In her Pediatric rotation, Lydia was assigned to care for an infant from the Congo who had fallen ill. Lydia addressed cultural considerations for her patient by learning how to say "Good Morning" in their native language of Swahili. In addition, Lydia served as an advocate for her infant patient by insisting hospital staff take a break from multiple failed IV attempts in a non-urgent situation so that the patient's mother could hold and comfort her crying child. The compassion Lydia demonstrates in her bedside manner extends into her community, as well. During the Ice Cream Social, Lydia educated herself on the importance of bone marrow registry and volunteered at the information table. Ultimately, she was a key player in the overall success of the event—which was reportedly one of the most successful bone marrow drives the organization had all year. Finally, Lydia served as a mentor chair for RSNA, offering guidance, assistance, and reassurance to nervous nursing students attending their Director's Welcome and Orientation. It is truly awe-inspiring to see the level of compassion that Lydia brings to the profession of nursing. She is an amazing person and will no doubt be an exceptional nurse.