Luke LeBlanc


Luke LeBlanc, BSN

University of Mississippi School of Nursing
Jackson, MS
United States

Luke came to 5 Children's as a student nurse. He then began to work on 5 Children's as a student nurse tech. From the moment I met Luke, I knew that he was special. He radiated the most respectful, kind, compassionate and optimistic attitude. Luke made a connection with each family he came in contact with. Actually, I have a total of eight DAISY nominations from patients and/or their families since Luke has been on 5C. I would like to provide a few of those examples. A 12-year old wrote, "Luke is such a nice person and cool dude! He is my favorite person ever." A mother wrote, "Luke is the most patient person I ever met. Even when my child was being mean and a brat, Luke got on his level and calmed him down, played with him and made him smile for the first time in days. After that day, my son openly started trusting the health care providers for the first time. I am thankful for Luke's persistence to build that relationship with not only me, but my child, and gain his trust. We will never forget your kindness, Luke. You are going to make an amazing nurse one day."

As a cardiac step-down unit, we frequently have patients who stay for long periods of time. This particular patient stayed on our unit for months. She was waiting for a new heart. She was also by herself often as her mother was receiving chemo treatments for a new cancer diagnosis. It was not uncommon for us to pass the room of this patient and for Luke to be rocking her to sleep, laying on the play mat assisting her with her developmental skills, bathing her without being asked, reading to her, or just giving her the love she needed. We were all attached to this infant, and since mom could not be by her side, one of the nurses started a journal to document her daily progress/milestones. Luke wrote in the journal often. He was a vital part of that process and mom was overjoyed to read the updates every time she came to visit. It truly made her feels as if she was not missing out so much. The kindness and compassion I saw Luke demonstrate with this patient was unbelievable. When we got the news that our sweet baby was receiving a new heart, Luke cried tears of joy when he was informed and was the first one to come and check on her on his off day. The love and compassion did not just stop with her. Luke continues to make it a point to give his best every single time he is on 5C. He often is able to communicate with patients who are difficult, gain their trust and build a lasting relationship. I have come across many students in my 10-year career on 5C, however, Luke really stands out.