Lauren Grimes


Lauren Grimes, RN, BSN

Regis University
Denver, CO
United States

I am writing to wholeheartedly and emphatically nominate Ms. Lauren Grimes for her achievements and dedication to the profession of nursing and health care promotion. Lauren is a May 2019 graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Regis University.
I have known Lauren for seven years in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and in my role as affiliate faculty. Lauren's primary career is in intravenous therapy nursing. She is a passionate leader in the prevention of Central Line Associated Blood Steam Infections (CLABSI). She is a champion for infection prevention, meticulously adhering to the Centers for Disease Control and the Infusion Nurses Society guidelines. She is also an invaluable resource for educating nurses, patients and family members on Peripherally Inserted Central Line Catheter (PICC) care with special emphasis on infection prevention. Through her vigilant efforts, Lauren has been instrumental in reducing the incidence of central line associated blood steam infections at Porter Adventist Hospital.
Of note, Lauren holds an additional Bachelor of Science degree and she has a keen interest in Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). I am especially impressed by her knowledge, skills, and attitude to incorporate EBP into the therapeutic management of complex patients in her care. Lauren is a leader in EBP and a change agent in contemporary technology at Porter Adventist Hospital. With a solid grasp of new technology and highly specialized skills, Lauren pioneered the recent implementation of a tip locator system at Porter. Utilizing evidenced-based tools and existing research, Lauren led the hospital to adopt this change in practice to improve patient care and safety. By employing the tip locator system, patients are no longer subjected to a chest X-ray to confirm the location of the PICC catheter.
Lauren demonstrates a passionate commitment to education and professional development. She contributed greatly to the educational experience of Regis University nursing students as a guest speaker on IV therapy for many years. She is also active in her community, developing an educational offering for teens focusing on careers in health care at the local high school.
Lauren has shown herself to be an exceptional leader, ethical practitioner, and an extraordinary patient and family advocate. Lauren's dedication, scholarship, commitment and compassion has made an impact to the profession of nursing and patients in her care.