LaCine Bertrand

LaCine Bertrand

LaCine Bertrand, BSN Graduate

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing
New Orleans, LA
United States
In the Populations course, clients at the different sites adored LaCine.

I have known and worked with Mrs. Bertrand for the last two semesters as her faculty in Population Nursing; and the DEI Student Taskforce Committee Advisor. While our relationship has grown, I am constantly discovering her trustworthiness, compassion, caring spirit, productivity, and unfailing dependability.

As a student, she demonstrated kindheartedness, leadership, and humbleness. I have witnessed her passion to see that everyone succeed in this program. I remember her having trouble understanding the content in this course. She would email, call, and schedule meetings after each lecture. Moreover, she would invite some of her colleagues to join us in our meetings. Her vision, as she would repeat many times "we lack resources, but if we all come together, we will be successful." And yes, the group successfully passed the course.

I remember receiving an email from one of her clinical sites (East Jefferson) where the staff nurse commented on how fabulous this student is; how LaCine's work is so incredibly outstanding. How she is an amazing team player. How the unit loved LaCine's enthusiastic spirit and helpfulness. Her direct quote, "If we had more nursing students and nurses like Lace, it would be great!"

In the Populations course, clients at the different sites adored her. Always wanting her to come back to the facility to help with games, take their blood pressures, or just having someone to talk to.

Finally, her leadership skills are remarkable. She is a member of the Student Nursing Association and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Student Taskforce. As multiple events through the Second Harvest Food Bank. As president of the DEI, LaCine truly fit the character of Stewardship. She is always advocating for the underrepresented student. She demonstrated this by hosting a school supply drive; assuring students who lack resources such as uniforms and books have these items available for free.

In addition, she has recruited students to the DEI Student Taskforce who really wanted to make a difference (Organizational Citizenship). The DEI Taskforce now has an executive Board and are completing their bylaws.