Kodie Scott


Kodie Scott

Baptist College of Health Sciences
Memphis, TN
United States

Having served as Kodie’s clinical instructor, I can speak to her strengths of self-discipline and time management, as well as compassionate care. Kodie was well organized and focused when providing patient care. It was obvious in observing her patient interactions that she was sensitive to her patients’ needs. Going the “extra mile” to address patients’ concerns was a common behavior demonstrated during her clinical rotation. The patients that Kodie cared for routinely praised her for her knowledge and skills. She always greeted her patients with a genuine smile, made eye contact, and demonstrated active listening. She always found a way to connect with her patients and establish a trusting relationship which seemed to be very natural for her.

During her Adult Health I clinical rotation, Kodie was assigned to the ICU step-down unit. Picking some of the most ill patients on the unit every week was common for Kodie. There were multiple times when Kodie demonstrated compassionate care and excellence when interacting with her patients, but two incidences come specifically to mind. First, she selected an elderly patient who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy who had issues with anxiety and communication. When the patient would become anxious, he would begin biting his hand. Kodie had a calming effect on the patient by remaining calm herself and providing simple explanations which helped the patient calm down multiple times which stopped him from biting his hand.

On another clinical day, Kodie selected a patient who was in respiratory distress. She informed the nurse early in the morning of an elevated troponin level so appropriate care was administered early for the patient. Remaining calm, she stayed with the patient, closely monitoring trends in the vital signs, and communicated significant assessment findings of the declining patient’s respiratory status. She was professional and provided appropriate information to keep the patient informed of what she was doing and why. Kodie helped with transporting the patient to the ICU. By Kodie recognizing significant changes in the patient’s status and communicating this information promptly, early intervention resulted in a positive outcome for this patient.

In summary, the qualities exhibited by Kodie exemplify compassionate patient care and clinical excellence that meet the criteria for the DAISY-in-Training Award.