Kimberly Burkhardt


Kimberly Burkhardt, SN

West Chester University of Pennsylvania
West Chester, PA
United States
I noted that Kim would take the time to engage residents in conversation and activities that normally did not participate.

I had the pleasure of having Kim in clinical for NSG 312 and NSG 412. Kim consistently demonstrated excellence in care, teamwork, leadership and a positive and enthusiastic attitude regarding her patients and her clinical experience. During our time at the extended care facility (ECF), many residents remembered her name and would seek out her attention and care. Additionally, I noted that Kim would take the time to engage residents in conversation and activities that normally did not participate. The ECF activity director even noted Kim's ability to engage that many participants who were normally reluctant. During our time in the acute care setting, Kim again impressed with her knowledge, willingness to learn new tasks, bedside manner and demeanor. Kim handled patients with a variety of temperaments with ease. Her positive attitude was contagious. Kim's presence made a positive impact during both clinical rotations.
An example of how she voiced concern for a patient's health issue is when Kim had a patient in the acute care clinical setting who was newly diagnosed with Diabetes. This patient resided in a nursing home and noted that many of her health and living concerns were overlooked. The patient was scheduled to be discharged late afternoon and had contacted her roommate at the assisted living home. During the call, the patient found out that although she had been in the hospital for almost 10 days, her bedding had not even been changed by the staff and that they would not hold a dinner tray for her. Kim was able to listen to the patient's concerns and arrange for an early meal tray prior to discharge. In addition, she discussed the concerns with the patient's nurse who was able to specifically ask about fresh bedding when she called report to the assisted living. While these concerns might sound minor, the patient was experiencing substantial anxiety about leaving the hospital and Kim's efforts eased those concerns substantially. In addition, Kim was able to spend some time discussing food choices with the patient with regard to her newly diagnosed diabetes. Kim's background as a Registered Dietician was particularly useful with this patient.
Kim demonstrated leadership daily with her hard work and attitude. She was always busy with patient care, assisting others and answering call bells. Kim consistently volunteered for new tasks.
Overall, Kim has demonstrated her commitment to hard work both in clinical and the classroom. I believe that Kim will be the kind of nurse that I would want to take care of me or my family in the future.