Kevin Zuger

Melissa Hulbert, Kevin Zuger, Corlis Hayden

Kevin Zuger, BSN nursing student

Nebraska Methodist College
Omaha, NE
United States

I had the pleasure of working with Kevin with his dying hospice patient.  His hospice patient was extremely weak and she would call out to “Kevin” frequently whenever she needed assistance.  Kevin spent his entire 2 days with this patient as she was frightened to be alone. He sat by her bed with a calm presence and persistence. In his care, he was gentle and would explain each procedure/task to her.  He created a peaceful and respectful environment for her with his gentle, kind and compassionate caring presence.


Kevin also had a very helpful attitude and openness when participating at our health fair at Minne Lusa.  He came early to assist and his openness to helping wherever needed was greatly appreciated.  Kevin set up numerous tables and took on a leadership role with the set-up of the room.  His can-do attitude was very evident and greatly appreciated.  At the end of the health fair, after many of his classmates had left, Kevin stayed behind and assisted the janitor and staff in the cleaning up and taking down of all the tables.  Kevin demonstrated his willingness and helpful spirit at this event. He was a positive and caring presence and his participation was greatly appreciated by the course faculty and also the school staff and teachers.  He certainly made a difference with his helpful, kind and gentle presence.