Kelsey Malloy


Kelsey Malloy, BSN

University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA
United States

Kelsey was a student of mine during her gerontology practicum, where she worked with preceptors in a rural community as well as in an inpatient hospice. I was struck by her compassion, holistic approach to care, excellent communication skills, and her heart for those who are underserved and struggling to exist in the face of chronic physical and mental health challenges. Kelsey demonstrated an incredible work ethic and what stood out to me was her ability to serve as a patient advocate. She and her nurse worked with an extremely complex older adult who lived at home, had a trach, poorly controlled diabetes, and severe chronic back pain, in addition to several other chronic health conditions. This individual was living with bipolar affective disorder and truly needed a patient advocate in order to achieve better care. Kelsey realized during this visit that the home health agency did not have an accurate picture of this man's medical history. To her credit, she suggested to her preceptor that they call his primary health care provider to obtain an accurate H and P on this gentleman. They were able to do so and thus were better able to understand his clinical picture so that they could advocate for better pain control as well as his mental health needs. Kelsey has a heart for the underserved and often misunderstood individuals in our society, who often unfortunately do not have their health care needs adequately met for a variety of reasons. She is passionate about obtaining a thorough assessment of not just physical health, but the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of individuals. She is cognizant of the many barriers, including financial, that hinder individuals from maintaining their health. Kelsey was a highly motivated student who demonstrated an incredible work ethic combined with a gentle, kind, and compassionate spirit who truly sees each patient as a person. I know that she is going to be an amazing nurse who will not only positively affect her patients but all of those who are fortunate to be working with her on the health care team. She was an excellent student who was mature beyond her years!