Kayla Cote


Kayla Cote, BSN

St. Catherine University
St. Paul, MN
United States

Kayla Cote demonstrates a higher level of understanding in the application of nursing. During her junior year of med surg clinical rotation, she would come to post conference with critical thinking questions and a professional manner that pulled in everyone's attention. In her senior year of simulation, she continued to show leadership qualities when assigned the role of the RN bringing best practice forward and priority nursing actions to safely care for her patients.
She was always prepared and willing to work hard and care well for any age-group she was placed with. She showed leadership in her adaptability to manage challenging students while performing vision screening. Kayla reflected thoroughly and was willing to share her own experiences and worked to understand how they influenced her care. She asked questions when she had them and was supportive of her classmates. She had a calm comforting presence for students and her peers. She is a wonderful, quiet leader who leads by example!