Katherine (Katie) Rinehart


Katherine (Katie) Rinehart, BSN

St. Catherine University
St. Paul, MN
United States

Katherine (Katie) Rinehart is an excellent student and a good citizen. She always sits near the front of class in JDA and readily answers our myriad questions. She is always prepared for lecture. This year I had the opportunity to cover for her clinical instructor in pediatrics. Whereas she could have had a negative attitude she was positive and made the most of every situation that came her way. I can clearly remember the gentle care she gave to one child who was very ill and needed to have constant attention. She never left the child's side, rocking and coddling him. Katie is also the president of the student nurses’ association. Katie is a great team member with a bright smile to always help and brighten someone's day.


Katherine (Katie) Rinehart was a student of mine in the senior level simulation. Katie consistently demonstrated exceptional skills when taking the RN role. She also did well as the charge RN and has great teamwork skills. Her professionalism and positive active collaboration in the debriefing phase of simulation was both inquisitive and professionally delivered.


Some of the highlights from clinical performance in 4020 Fall 2017: Great confidence at the bedside; has challenged herself by previously completing an internship; great bedside manner; has an art of making others feel comfortable; being present and anticipating all the patient's needs. She is always highly organized and prepared for clinical; she took full patient loads the majority of the clinical experience; always challenged herself to understand what was going on around on the deepest level possible; a great demonstration of advanced critical thinking skills; showed great leadership among fellow students during post conference and on the floor; great teamwork at all times; had a positive attitude at all times and a great sense of humor.

Katie is beyond ready to step into the independent nurse role. Her future coworkers and patients will greatly benefit from her positive attitude and excellence of care.