Kandise Goode


Kandise Goode, Student Nurse

Baptist College of Health Sciences
Memphis, KY
United States

Kandise was always prepared for class and ready with comments, questions and further information on the topics we discussed. During Community Nursing, when several new state laws were presented to the students and staff at the health department. She made copies and distributed to the rest of the class. At the Correctional Center she taught exercise classes and healthy lifestyles to women inmates. Demonstrating a manner that was gentle and encouraging, the message was well received by women who are often difficult to engage. Most impressive is Kandise's thirst for getting involved in community affairs. She asked to attend a board meeting for Door of Hope, an organization that provides housing for over 50 previously homeless individuals. After meeting with the board President and submitting her resume', she is in the process of becoming an active member of the team. She is an excellent example of a community leader who is working toward positive change for the vulnerable in our midst.