Hannah Gorton


Hannah Gorton, RN-BSN

Linfield College
Portland, OR
United States
She shows complete commitment to her patients and peers.

Hannah Gorton's compassion and care for others is like none other. She shows complete commitment to her patients and peers. Even when patient assignments have been tough, she goes above and beyond in caring, and remains professional. During her 4th semester practicum, Hannah participated in resuscitations of newborns, stayed later during her shift to help deliver a baby, and has made connections between her families, nurses and providers. Not only does Hannah excel in the clinical setting, she is brilliant in the classroom. She uses her academic resources well and has become a tutor for many classes. She has a beautiful positive energy. Nursing school is not easy, but when you have a peer like Hannah, it makes it a little easier. She ensures hope in each of her classmates to keep working hard. While attending nursing school full time, she also worked at her local gym and her family's food truck. She is also involved in several professional clubs such as Student Government and LSNA where she holds executive positions in both. No matter where her nursing career takes her in life, she will always be a patient advocate, team player/ leader, and overall an amazing nurse with so much knowledge to teach future nurses. I would be honored and privileged to work beside Miss Hannah Gorton one day.