Frank Baez


Frank Baez, BA, BS

NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing
New York, NY
United States

Frank has always been dedicated to patient care. He began as a housekeeper, then patient transporter, and now finally is about to graduate from nursing school. Frank has excelled in his studies and nursing education. He is compassionate to his patients and their families and he is a patient advocate. Frank is always looking out for the needs of others and ready to lend a helping hand to his fellow students. Frank will make an excellent nurse because he is empathetic and holds all his patients in high regards and ensures that ALL his patients are VIPs. I'd like to thank Frank for his hard work and perseverance and for believing in himself as nursing was always his dream!
Frank is an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who learned English while attending high school in Brooklyn. He worked weekends as a housekeeper at NYU Langone's Tisch Hospital. He progressed to the role of patient transporter at Tisch, a role that spanned 6 years. Fast forward 12 years, Frank is now an honors graduate of NYU Meyers. While attending nursing school he worked as a unit clerk at NYU Orthopedic Hospital. He was inducted in Sigma Theta Tau in April. Frank came to NYU Meyers with a BA degree in Spanish Romantic Literature from Hunter (his associate degree is from BMCC). He possesses Full Professional Proficiency in Spanish and English. Frank loves his interactions with patients. He is particularly drawn to ICU nursing care. While a unit clerk, Frank independently created a QI project which developed a system to improve the process of patients getting their prescriptions upon discharge. He is a dual degree student in the AGACNP program. He is extremely dedicated to his calling as a professional nurse.
Frank is a role model who went above and beyond in his academic expectations. He is always the first to volunteer for helping out his peers and staff nurse. I have seen him care for a patient who was a post-heart transplant. Frank spoke with confident compassion to reassure the patient (about not pulling the ET tube) while holding the patient's hand and stroking his head. I want to thank Frank for reminding me once again how nurses and nursing blend grace and medicine at the bedside and elsewhere.