Faith Befano


Faith Befano, BSN, RN

Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
United States

Faith Befano was nominated for the 2019 DAISY Student Award by several nursing students and nursing faculty for her contribution to community nursing, peer-teaching and dedication to the nursing profession.
Faith demonstrated the utmost of interest and community engagement for our participants at the Woodstock Family Center, a shelter for families whose parents are living with up to 3 children. She did this in so many ways! The most important contribution that she made was starting a dance class for the children of Woodstock, that met every Monday evening at 5:30 p.m. This ongoing event in our rotations was the most well loved by the participants at Woodstock, parents and their kids alike. On the 3 days that we held other events during this time frame, the children would appear at the door and ask about 'dance class' with the hope that they could join! They missed it when it wasn't available. In addition to this, Faith contributed to every other aspect of running the clinical. Her classmates looked to her for leadership and I was relieved that due to her confidence, she was able to provide it with distinction!
Faith is the consummate peer-teacher, having served as a work-study student in the Temple University Nursing Simulation and Learning Resource Center over the past several semesters, including during her senior year. I believe that she is a gifted teacher who can reach 'students' at all levels.
Faith continues to be active in the Temple University Chapter of the Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP). She has served the chapter faithfully in many ways for much of her four years as a Temple University student nurse.
Faith is intelligent, dedicated, and exceptionally caring. She is very involved with Temple Nursing and has repeatedly shown her dedication to the profession.