Elizabeth Knox


Elizabeth Knox

Beaufort County Community College
Washington, NC
United States

Things that were said about Elizabeth Knox are:

She goes above and beyond.

She did an excellent job keeping up with BCANS and exhibits caring attributes.

In the hospital, we always recognized the nurse who was a stand out in patient care, going beyond bedside care to care for their patient. It focused more on compassion and patient centered care rather than skills or experience. I know that this student made blankets for patients at Roanoke Landing her Freshman year, and during her Senior year she lead the Teddy Bear drive which collected over 100 Bears for the Children's Hospital in Greenville.

This student thinks not only of her patients as if they were the only ones she is caring for, she cares for the class as a whole. She volunteers for tasks within the class (such as collecting the monies for the class pictures) and she shares her knowledge of nursing with others. She drew a huge diagram complete with pictures on the over 8-foot white board in the senior classroom prior to the pediatric cardiac test for all the students to utilize for study. Students took pictures of her work to aid them. She is flexible, professional and doesn't tarry when a task is at hand. She assists "behind the scenes" to assure events are exceptional. Her kindness and compassion toward her patients is sincere and from her heart. Her drive to become a nurse came from the early loss of a child and she plans to continue her passion in working with children.