Dawnyelle Springs


Dawnyelle Springs, Student Nurse

Lee College, Baytown, Texas
Baytown, TX
United States

Dawnyelle was nominated by faculty at Lee College for her exceptional kindness, compassion and attention to detail. Dawnyelle never tires of doing the right thing. She is quick to recognize opportunity to assist the patient, her peers or to volunteer when needed at school. Dawnyelle listens patiently and intently to the cares and concerns of others, then addresses those needs to the best of her ability. Dawnyelle was chosen by her peers as Class Treasurer and maintained impeccable records and assured all collections and class payments for activities were conducted in a professional, accurate and efficient manner.

Dawnyelle's clinical patients' consistently described her as kind, caring and joyful. She provided the comforting back rub, the skin protecting turn, timely administration of medication and treatments while conducting a thorough and efficient assessment of the patients' real and potential challenges. Dawnyelle communicated with hospital personnel seeking answers and solutions to improve the care for those in her charge. Dawnyelle openly shared her clinical successes and challenges with her peers so that they too could benefit from her learning.

Perhaps most fitting of Dawnyelle receiving this award is her personnel motto of : "I'm going to do my best!" It is this drive and passion for doing her best that will allow her to touch the lives and hearts of others.