Danielle Cook


Danielle Cook, Student Nurse

UPMC Shadyside School of Nursing
Pittsburgh, PA
United States

Danielle has demonstrated that she has the ability to do more than care for her assigned patients. She creates and develops a relationship with each one as it is her ability to empathize with the patient and offer non-judgmental care. Danielle was assigned to care for a patient that others had labeled as "difficult". Danielle was not concerned to be her nurse, she was ready and willing to care for anyone. Danielle went in and professionally introduced herself and explained the plan for the day. She collaborated with the patient and developed a plan in which the patient was a participant in her own care. The patient had many questions and was not trusting of healthcare providers. She was requesting an antibiotic for several days and the physician did not agree. However, the patient's symptoms did not improve, and the differential diagnosis was changing. Danielle advocated on behalf of the patient when the physician was rounding. She explained her patients concerns and that her symptoms have not improved. In the end the physician ordered the antibiotic and agreed that the patient needed the medication. Allowing the patient to make autonomous decisions throughout the day demonstrated that she truly cared about the patient. This led to a trust between the two. Danielle was then able to educate and prepare the patient for a safe discharge and transition to home. At the end of the shift the patient expressed her gratitude by submitting an "Above and Beyond" nomination for Danielle. This nomination expressed the patient's gratitude for Danielle allowing her to be part of her own care. She stated that "Danielle's patience should be commended". Also stating, "Danielle opened doors that allowed me to better understand my plan of care, coordination of services and medical review of tests to be performed including personal care procedures".
I believe that Danielle demonstrated outstanding compassion at the bedside with the patient in the forefront. Daniele was a true advocate on the patient's behalf and was the patients voice. I will conclude with Danielle's leadership in her clinical group. She is always organized, willing to help and share knowledge with others. She is often sought out by her peers to assist when they need help. Danielle is a truly engaged and professional nursing student.