Bridget Davis


Bridget Davis, SN

Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, TX
United States

On Bridget's 5th clinical day, she was working with a patient whom she had met the day before when doing her patient research. As the time came closer to administering medications to the patient, Bridget commented how different the patient was behaving compared to the day before. Bridget expressed concern to her nurse and her instructor about the patients increased heart rate, decreased blood pressure, slurry speech, and disorientation. The patient was scheduled to receive Lexapro and Seroquel. She had just received hydrocodone for pain. The patient told Bridget she only takes Seroquel at night because it makes her very sleepy. Bridget realized her patient's behavior and condition change may be related to the timing of her medication. Her concerns were validated by her instructor, nurse, and charge nurse. The Seroquel was held. It was later discovered that the patient was getting a double the dose of Seroquel over the patient's usual home dose. Another TCU student was working with the same patient 3 days later. The patient's heart rate and blood pressure had returned to her baseline, and the patient was alert and oriented. The patient said she was so appreciative of Bridget's care. Because of Bridget's thorough assessment, compassionate approach, critical thinking, and excellent communication skills, the patient's medication schedule and dosing, was adjusted and her condition was clearly improving.