Ashlie Gouin


Ashlie Gouin, SN

St. Joseph School of Nursing
North Providence, RI
United States

Ashlie was assigned to care for a gentleman who was having a difficult time dealing with his illness on an emotional level. He had met with the psych team, but continued to feel anxious, depressed and tearful at times. The day she cared for this patient he was preparing for discharge. The patient's healthcare advocate was on the phone with the patient, upset that the patient was being discharged. The patient asked Ashlie to speak with the advocate. She calmly listened and assured this gentleman that the patient was not confused, had been afebrile and the doctor felt he was ready to be discharged. At this time the RN (a float) entered the room. She was very abrupt with the patient and his advocate. The patient became upset and tearful. The student nurse spent time with him listening, supporting and answering his questions. When the RN came in to go over the discharge instructions, the student remained per the patient's request. The patient expressed that he would like to nominate Ashlie for a DAISY award along with several members of the team. He was impressed with the level of compassion and understanding she exhibited.