Adewale Adegboyega


Adewale Adegboyega, Student Nurse

Wharton County Junior College Associate Degree Nursing Program
Wharton, TX
United States

The faculty know Adewale as "Wallie". Wallie worked 40 hours a week as an LVN at night while attending nursing school. He came in each morning ready to learn and always with a smile on his face. He always gave 110% to his school work and patient care.
I can remember meeting with Wallie this semester and stating how proud I was to see such tremendous improvement on his ATI scores. When I asked him what happened, what did you change, he looked at me and said "I will never forget the day at the end of the my first semester where you sat me down and asked me how bad I wanted it and I want it bad"
It was truly an honor watching him grow through the program. He will make an exceptional registered nurse.
The faculty noted that the Honoree is:
Very respectful. Accepted responsibility, never made excuses.
Always has a big, bright smile and is forever pleasant.
Collaborative well with fellow classmates.
Has Goals that are very special.
Is in nursing to truly help those less fortunate.
Very hard worker and looks for opportunity to learn and understand.
This student:
A. Demonstrates commitment to compassionate care of patients and families.
B. Makes a connection with patients, families and peers by building trust and respect.
C. Advocates strongly for patients and families. And
D. Demonstrates the WCJC ADN program values of Caring, Ethics, and Integrity.