Zachary Born

Zach Born

Zachary Born, RN

Cardio Neuro Intensive Care Unit
Allegheny Health Network- Saint Vincent Hospital
Erie, Pennsylvania
United States
The patient seemed to also genuinely connect with Zach and was more motivated and energized to improve.

Zach Born provided nonjudgmental care and concern for a patient who was in our facility for an extended time. The patient required ventilator assistance via a tracheostomy intermittently. The patient had already had 2 valve surgeries and was very sick.

The patient had been hospitalized as well in a Skilled Nursing and Rehab facilities for the better part of a year. He is a father to a 4-year-old girl. He has a mother who has been very supportive and involved in his care as well as care of the child.

Zach arranged, along with Physical therapy as well as family liaison, to have the patient be able to meet and spend time with his daughter in a dedicated room outside of the CNICU. Zach accompanied the patient on trach collar Oxygen and stayed with the patient during the visit. He exhibited a kind and compassion nature the entire time. He bonded with the patient as well as the patient's mother as evidenced by the mother's interaction with him. She was very happy with Zach and appreciative of all his efforts. The patient seemed to also genuinely connect with Zach and was more motivated and energized to improve.

Unfortunately, the day after this visit the patient was rushed to AGH for a higher level of care and worsening valve function. Had Zach not intervened and assisted with the visit, the patient might not have seen his daughter for some time.

Zach's care was genuine and reminds me of the great honor of being a nurse here at Saint Vincent. It also made me think of Stephen Covey's phrase: “Everyday Greatness is a way of living, it says more about who a person is than what a person has, and more that radiates from a face than the title on a business card. It speaks more to people's motives than their talents and more about the small and simple deeds than grandiose accomplishments." I saw loving non-judgmental care in this exchange and regardless of the situation or why the patient was in this medical condition, Zach was committed to improving health and wellness by treating the whole person, body mind and spirit.