Zachary Bearint

Zachary Bearint, RN

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

From the moment that we arrived with our daughter at the ICU, the entire CHOP Nursing/Physician staff was extremely accommodating and helpful. Everyone in the unit was friendly and approachable. However, what stood out the most, for me, since I spent 3 days in the ICU with my daughter without leaving, was our nurse Zachary. Zach was with us everyday during our stay and he made me feel so comfortable and reassured. He laughed and played with my daughter like she was a part of his own family. He gave me updates everyday and also let me know the plan and goals for each day. He made me feel like I was a part of their team and that he was cheering for my daughter every minute of the day. But, this wasn't the only special thing about Zach.

He was also caring for a very sick little boy next to us, who was alone during our 3 days in the ICU. Zach's ability to care for him, talk to him endearingly, let him know that he was OK, struck a chord in my heart. It seemed very evident to me that this sick little boy knew Zach and trusted him. There is a LOT to be said for that - a little boy without visitors who felt peace when the nurse who had to "bother" him with difficult things to help him heal would stand by him and talk to him.

Overall, Zach made my experience at CHOP more enjoyable. As a parent, it is so difficult to see your child suffer and fight and Zach did everything to make sure that my only focus was being a mommy and her getting better. The communication, accommodation, friendliness, warmth and caring, in my opinion was top notch. Thanks to Zach and all of the other nurses/physicians and others who cared for my little girl during our stay at CHOP. We are forever grateful.