Yolanda Austin

Yolanda Austin

Yolanda Austin, LPN

Winter Haven Hospital and Winter Haven Women's Hospital
Winter Haven, Florida
United States

This extra ordinary event took place on a Friday. Lyn accepted Mrs. P from the emergency department at around 1500, it was a normal very busy time of day, but Lyn took extra gentle care and time to clean and dress multiple skin tears, as she did this she spoke quietly with the patient. Lyn took extra special care while turning the patient because her skin was so fragile.

Bernie was working a different assignment, but when learning that Mrs. P was admitted to our department, she went in to check on the patient, realizing that the patient was near death and was a DNR, she sat with the patient and held her hand and spoke and sang quietly with the patient. Bernie and Lyn stayed after their shift and sat with Mrs. P, she passed away shortly after midnight.

These acts of kindness and caring for our patients really moved me deeply, and showed what kind of extra-ordinary caring nurses these two are. They both deserve to be honored with the DAISY Award.