Yoana Cardenas

Yoana Cardenas

Yoana Cardenas, RN

Acute Care Services
Valley Presbyterian Hospital
Van Nuys, California
United States
Because of Yoana's caring and motivation, I am able to go home today.

Yoana is an angel from heaven who came into my life. I was very sick and because of her caring and motivation, I am able to go home today. I was depressed about my life, and had no energy. Yoana cheered me up with her kindness and great stories. She rounded on me every hour, just as she promised she would, she even rounded on me at the beginning of the shift. Her communication was excellent. Even when she was the charge nurse, she would round on me and ask how I was doing.

My family is very difficult, and Yoana dealt with them by smiling and answering all of their questions. I apologized to Yoana on their behalf, because I felt like she was 10 times better to me than they were.”

By definition, compassion is an innate quality or trait that enables a nurse to discern a need, provide comfort and help a patient feel safe and valued.  Yoana is an exemplar of this type of genuine compassion.  She was acknowledged by this grateful patient for emulating the entire list of DAISY attributes:

Making special connections with patients

Including family members in patients’ plan of care

Delivering outstanding education

Collaborating to meet each patients’ unique needs

Going above and beyond the “call of duty”

Providing individualized, compassionate care

Living out the hospital vision of excellence.