Yelena Slough

Yelena Slough, RN

The Cancer Center
Lutheran Medical Center (CO)
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
United States

Yelena is an amazing nurse. She takes the extra step to ensure patients are safe and cared for. Yelena made a follow up discharge phone call to a patient and immediately recognized that something was wrong on the phone. The patient and family are Russian speaking, and Yelena speaks fluent Russian. She realized the patient was suicidal and the Mom was feeling threatened. Upon completing the phone call, Yelena contacted the case manager.
In addition to this story, another patient recently complimented Yelena on the extraordinary care she provides "Yelena was excellent and on a scale from 1 - 10, Yelena is a 15."
These two patient stories exemplify the tremendous work and care that Yelena gives to patients and families every day, she is so deserving of the DAISY Award. She is truly what this award is all about!