William Hardy

William Hardy

William Hardy, RN

CSICU - Cardiac Surgery ICU
VCU Health System
Richmond, Virginia
United States

On Oct. 18 my husband DB was transferred to VCU Medical Center from another hospital. He had pericarditis and needed heart surgery; afterwards he was in critical condition. He was then a patient on the tenth floor Cardiac Care Unit; and that is where we met Will Hardy.

I would like to tell you a little about our experience with Will in caring for my husband. Will talked to him often (even though DB did not understand) telling us what procedure he was doing and the reason for it. Will would clean DB's teeth several times and more than that if needed; clear the tube that was in his throat and replace tubes when needed; checked for bed sores and other bruises regularly, changed dressing often, named the medications that DB was being given and explained to me and the family what they were for and how they worked. If DB's linens or hospital gown ever were soiled he would change them immediately without any of us having to tell him. Will was very observant of my husband's needs.

Even when Will wasn't scheduled to work in DB's room if he was on the floor and passed by he would quickly stop and say hello and ask how we were all doing.

On November first my children and I had to make the sad decision to let my husband go. There was nothing else that could be done for him by the doctors and staff and our prayers for him to recover was not to be answered then, so he was in the Lords hands. That was an extremely hard decision for us to make but we did not want to see our loved one live on a machine or suffer any longer.

After DB passed and the children and I were still at the hospital getting all things settled, Will Hardy who was not even working at that time made a point to stop by the hospital to pay his respects and condolences to us. He gave all of us a hug (which we needed then) and showed true caring.

I truly mean this, if I could give Will an award for his true caring of his patients and their family it would be made of solid gold, for he would truly deserve it. Therefore my children and I would like to nominate Will Hardy for the DAISY Award.