William Cromwell

William Cromwell, RN

University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center
Glen Burnie, Maryland
United States

Today I came into the Emergency Room with excruciating pain.  While waiting in line, I was pacing and moaning and needed assistance right away.  While sitting at the registration desk, I informed the rep I was going to throw up.  She took the pack of bags and was trying to unlock the zip instead of not ripping it open due to me almost throwing up.  I even cried. I am a strong woman and try to always keep my composure but could not anymore.  When I finally got a room and met my RN, well, I knew God had sent me an angel.  Will Cromwell immediately took over and addressed me as a person, he cared for me and engaged my husband as well.  He continued to care for me from beginning to end.  He made the difference. 

I want to say Will, I commend you for being professional and for being the special person you are.  Don't ever change and continue to use your heart to treat your patients.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  May you always strive in all your endeavors and always remember you made a big difference in my heart.