Will Smith
December 2019
Adventist Health Bakersfield
United States




The nurse who touched my life in a moment that shook my world is Mr. Will Smith. This particular day, during what I thought was a normal hospital visit to see my sister, was anything but a normal visit.
My sister struggled with alcohol addiction for more years than I care to remember; she was 34 years old, had developed encephalopathy and was severely ill, hooked up to a support system that provided her aid to survive. It was one of the saddest things I have ever witnessed. I won't bore you with unnecessary details, but the relationship between my sister's husband and our family, especially regarding her condition, has always been...vague. The idea I had in my head of what I would see in her room and what I actually saw was completely different. We believed she was on light sedation and was fine. She was not.
Will entered the room and offered information on my sister's condition. He was very knowledgeable about my sister's illness, explained what each thing hooked up provided, and was just so kind and compassionate about her situation. Many times, our family would come in to pray, and Will would work around us, being mindful of our needs while still trying to provide the best medical care. He explained what he was doing when he was doing it, asked if we had questions, asked if we needed anything, and was just super amazing. There wasn't one particular thing that Will did or didn't do; it was everything as I have mentioned that touched us the most. He had an amazing bedside manner, was gentlemanly polite, and really went above and beyond what was asked of him. Eventually, and much to our surprise, my sister recovered and was discharged.
Since my sister's visit, she has passed, the addiction proving to be too strong for her body. During this time, nearing the end, my mom ran into Will in a hallway on her way to a visit. Will immediately recognized my mom and was sympathetic to our family. She explained my sister's declining condition, and he offered a visit. My mom accepted, but, in the meantime, the Lord decided my sister was ready to come home. That final day in the hospital as we were gathering my sister's items and leaving, my mom was concerned that we didn't get a chance to see Will. I assured her he was fine, and soon enough he'd learn the reason for our early absence.
So here we are two weeks to the day of my sister's passing, and we still think of Will. We hope he is doing well and that the toll of caring for such sick patients doesn't diminish his positivity and zest for life. We wish him the best in his career and hope that he is acknowledged for his strengths and caring compassion and that he continues to be an educational beacon for those families needing light during a difficult time.