Whitney Porter

Whitney Porter

Whitney Porter, BSN, RN

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Florida Hospital for Children
Orlando, Florida
United States

Whitney Porter has been one of the few nurses that my daughter has had the pleasure to have.  She has been amazing in this process that can be very scary, even the 2nd time around.  She always makes sure we are updated on any changes and will find out the answer to any questions we might have if she doesn't already know.  She does small things like making sure our daughter has a clean and girly eye cover, cleans our daughter thoroughly and doesn't overlook things others might.  Each time we know Whitney is taking care of our daughter it truly gives us a sense of peace knowing she is in the most amazing, loving, caring hands and it couldn't make us happier!


Every single day that Whitney is our daughter's nurse, she always goes above and beyond her duty.  She makes sure we understand all the changes that were done, any questions we have are always answered and if she doesn’t know she finds out for us.  Whitney always makes sure that we're able to participate in any hands-on we’re able to.  She always has a smile on her face and makes us feel so great that our baby is in her care!