Wesley Hogsett

Wesley Hogsett

Wesley Hogsett, RN

In-patient Psych Ward 7
Raymond G. Murphy VA
Albuquerque, New Mexico
United States

Miss Wesley is a true blue RN. What I mean is that she goes by the book and still has the attitude that is needed to deal with a huge diverse group of veterans. She always has a smile and a nice gesture when she passes in the hall. Those small gestures mean a lot to our healing.

I really could see she was concerned about me. She never got distracted from speaking to me and when I was asking questions she focused on me.  I have also seen her with all the other patients doing the same thing. When she is focused on you, you know she cares.

Every time I see her she has a smile and makes me feel like she is working for me. She is a great nurse and makes sure my needs are met. It is helpful in recovery to feel like someone cares and means it.