Wendy Howard

Wendy Howard

Wendy Howard, RN I

Med Surg 6West
Houston Methodist West Hospital
Houston, Texas
United States
I needed her and she was there. We needed her and she cared.

My mother (81 years old) fell and broke her femur in her right leg.  I raced to the ER to meet her here as I was out of town.  I was left alone to handle all decisions and care for my mother.  I am a woman of faith, great faith and my Lord always was here with me through a Dr. or Nurse or Volunteer.  One nurse, Wendy Howard on the sixth floor went above and beyond.

Wendy was here when they moved my mom from the ER to the sixth floor.  She was so caring yet so professional.  She checked my mother out from head to toe.  She asked the right questions and totally made us feel like we were her only patient.  She met all the emptiness for me as I was feeling by being all alone and walking this road.  She cared. 

Wendy was also my mom’s night nurse when we came up from surgery on that Tuesday night.  Wendy checked her out with such concern from surgery asking that the post-surgery nurse stay here with her until she was totally comfortable with my mom’s condition after surgery and her vitals.

There are many sweet and professional employees on this floor but Wendy went the extra mile.  When she was here but working on the other side, she would come and check on my mom anyway.  She hugged her and held her hand and as she also did with me and made us feel loved and cared for. 

Wendy is a DAISY and now friend in the eyes of our family.  I needed her and she was there.  We needed her and she cared.