Wendy Buck

Wendy Buck

Wendy Buck, RN

Henry Community Health
New Castle, Indiana
United States
Wendy was professional and brought a calm that was reassuring even providing a much-needed hug.

I am so grateful for the wonderful care Wendy has provided to both my parents. My dad was undergoing treatment for cancer and when he had to go to ambulatory care for procedures, he always mentioned Wendy and the excellent care she provided to him. She was the smiling face he needed to get through some difficult procedures.

My mother recently needed her, and I wanted to recognize Wendy for the amazing nursing care she provided to her as well. My mother is undergoing treatments that require daily IV treatments in ambulatory. My mother noticed a troubling symptom and Wendy used excellent assessment skills to identify a complication. Wendy immediately set out to ensure quick treatment and she coordinated my mom's care so she could receive all needed pieces to put her health back on track.

Wendy was supposed to just have a routine patient who needed some IV medication but, instead she had a patient with a complication, and she worked hard to make everything ok. She enlisted additional staff to make sure nothing was missed. She had to contact multiple providers and the PICC line company. She also called and got my mother's doctor to reschedule her appointment and ensured they would still see her that day. She worked out all my mother's needed appointments and procedures and it was all done with great communication. She was great to update my mother and myself, so we were not worried.

Wendy reassured my mother and me that she would take care of the situation and come up with a plan and she did. She was efficient, caring, compassionate, and treated my mom like she was her top priority.

Wendy was professional and brought a calm that was reassuring even providing a much-needed hug. Wendy even offered to help make sure my mom had a place to rest past her treatment time if that was needed even offering to do things for her during her lunchtime. She went above and beyond and we are truly grateful.

Thanks to Wendy, everything that needed to be done was done and everything went according to plan.