Waleed Sayyed
February 2019
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United States




My son was shot and had Nurse Waleed Sayyed for only one night but he showed a great deal of love and caring to my son and his needs to feel comfortable and clean. Waleed put a smile on my son's spirit, soul and heart.

Waleed, you are a special nurse.  Keep up the good work, you are special. Thank you for the love you showed to our family and especially to my son.


I want to recognize Waleed Sayyed.  I want to say thank you, Brother, for the tremendous amount of care you showed to me and my family during my stay here.  I had you for only one night but that one night made my stay here complete.  The amount of love and care you showed and gave was a true blessing.  I want you to know please continue to show that love. You are special and you did make a difference. Having you as a nurse for 1 night had a huge impact on my stay.  Nurse Waleed is a true DAISY Nurse.  Thank you.