Vlad Feldman

Vlad Feldman

Vlad Feldman, RN

Beaumont Farmington Hills
Farmington Hills, Michigan
United States

I had the pleasure of being watched over by your lovely staff.   I’ve had several extraordinary nurses take care of me, but one took my breath away and deserves to be mentioned and his name is Vlad.

He is so very kind, caring, has a bubbly personality and resounding natural care for life.  He has demonstrated many different qualities to help him be the exceptional individual he is.  Whether passing meds, clearing trays, bringing ice water, assisting or just checking in on you, he brings his “A” game.  He is an asset to not only his co-workers but to the entire nursing staff here at Beaumont-Farmington Hills, Botsford campus.  Vlad is a great nurse, friend, humanitarian.

On behalf of myself, my wife and family I’d like to thank you for caring for me when I couldn’t care for myself.