Vivian Egger

Vivian Egger, RN

Seattle Children's
Seattle, Washington
United States

Vivian Egger has taken on the role of being a primary RN for one of our long-term patients, who has been in our unit for 9 months. He is an older patient s/p heart
transplant. He is very complex with multiple teams involved, which meant his care has been complex and difficult at times. His family is very intense and there has been high emotion.

Vivian sought out and volunteered to be his primary. She has bent over backwards each shift to advocate for the very best care and spent hours and hours caring for him.
Recently, she has taken on the rehab mode, ensuring he is compliant with his exercises, encouraging him & pushing him to get out of the ICU. She has tirelessly worked with his family and OT/PT and RT to establish a routine and schedule.

She has gone above and beyond to do the "extras" for him and his family. She has always kept a positive attitude in caring for him even though at times his outlook was grim. I can truly say, he has survived and will have a successful transfer to a rehab facility (which was unexpected) because of her dedication, hard work and advocacy.

Vivian is truly an empathetic and caring nurse that we all should strive to be more like.