Vivian Duong

Vivian Duong

Vivian Duong, RN

Intensive Care Unit
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
Santa Rosa, California
United States

Vivian Duong, RN exemplifies the kind of nurse that the patients & families as well as Nurses, Physicians, and other members of the Health Care team recognize as an outstanding role model.

I would like to a share an example of how Vivian goes above and beyond in what is expected of her. Our department was full throughout the weekend; we had a patient who was held in the ED for many hours due to there being no bed available for him. Our nurses are not required to go to the ED, even when a patient is being held there. Vivian voluntarily went to the ED with me to help with getting the patient off layers of dirty linen that he had been lying on for several hours. After getting the patient situated Vivian then reviewed the physician orders and corrected orders that had been put in incorrectly on this patient. She then remained with this patient outside of our department so that he could have appropriate critical interventions if needed.

Vivian continues to impress me as a lead nurse with how much she cares, how hard she works and her ability to always jump in when needed.

Vivian came into work when we were short staffed. Before her shift was finished another nurse was required to go home for a family emergency. Vivian graciously agreed to stay another 6 hours so that all of our patients would have adequate nursing coverage.

This is just an example of a wonderfully professional RN who always steps up to meet the needs of our department. Vivian takes difficult assignments without ever a complaint uttered. It is always a pleasure to work with her. –by Nominator #1

Vivian came into to help our department for 6 hours as we were understaffed and had a very heavy assignment but as she always does, worked diligently to care for her patients as well as offer help to me and the other nurses. Since we were very short for the morning shift, this RN agreed to stay over. This RN never shies away from the tough assignments and despite her small frame, her big heart and teamwork and constant willingness to help make her an invaluable member on this team. I therefore nominate her for the DAISY award without any reservations. –by Nominator #2

Vivian continues to show outstanding teamwork in our department. Vivian agreed to stay and help when we were short staffed. She continues to show a tremendous work ethic, always professional and an outstanding teammate. –by Nominator #3