Vincenta Balbin

Vincenta Balbin, RN

Respiratory Rehab Unit
Saint Clare's Hospital - Denville, Dover, Boonton Township and Sussex
Denville, New Jersey
United States

Pictured for left to right - Cheryl Beers, DHA, RN, NE-BC, CALA, Director, Nursing
Operations, Timothy Doyle, Administrator RRC, Vincenta (Vicki) Balbin, RN, Marianne
DeAlessi, BSN, MPA, RN, CSN-NJ, Director of Nursing RRC, and Suellyn Ellerbe, MN,
RN, NEA-BC, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer.

Vincenta, or Vicki, is a night shift nurse, and two hours prior to Vicki’s arrival to work on RRC, a resident began her “terminal wean” process. Over a three hour period Vicki continually assessed the resident’s response to the weaning process. Using her critical thinking skills and compassion, Vicki initiated ongoing communication with the physician. Medication orders were changed promptly to make her comfortable. Vicki was empathetic and compassionate to both the resident and her family. She was a support for the family, she prayed with them as they watched their loved journey through the end of life process.
Two days after the resident died the family members called to express their gratitude to Vicki for providing a calming and spiritual atmosphere during this journey.