Vien Bouavong

Vien Bouavong, BSN, RN

Cardiac Cath Lab
Missouri Baptist Medical Center
St. Louis, Missouri
United States

Vien is an example of the I-care values at MOBAP. She saw an elderly gentleman lost in the hallway and trying to his doctor's office. The office told him Building B and the gentleman parked in Building D. Vien knew after talking with this gentleman that he would not be able to find Building B on his own, so she escorted him to where he needed to be. Worried about how he would get back to his car, Vien gave him her phone number and told him to call her when he was done with the doctor. She would come back and escort him to his car in Building D. He called and she made sure he got to his car in the garage. She is what makes MOBAP a caring and compassionate Magnet hospital.