Victoria Thomas

Victoria Thomas, BSN, RN

Miami Valley Hospital

Victoria had just come on shift and entered her patient's room to assess him. She noticed that his 12-lead EKG was sitting on the bedside table and demonstrated an acute MI, as did his current ECG rhythm on the monitor. Victoria immediately assessed the patient and notified his physician who obtained another EKG and put out an MI Alert after consulting a cardiologist. I responded to the MI Alert. Victoria was very helpful in preparing the patient for the cath lab. She demonstrated excellent critical thinking skills and was a huge asset to this patient's hospital experience and outcome.


I wanted to share with you an event that happened on our Trauma Unit. Victoria Thomas RN was the primary nurse of patient "LB". The patient sustained a humerus fracture in an ATV accident and was scheduled to have surgery. Victoria noticed on the monitor the cardiac rhythm showed ST elevation consistent with inferior wall MI. She called me right away, expressed her concern and asked for immediate attention. The 12 lead EKG was reviewed by the trauma team and was consistent with acute MI. Cardiology was consulted and an Acute MI Alert was called. The cardiologist was at the bedside within 15 to 20 minutes. The patient received ASA right away, the cath lab RN was at the bedside shortly after the alert was called and the patient was transported to the lab for catheterization.

I wanted to make you all aware of how much the trauma team appreciated Victoria's assessment. She was prepared, knew her patient and placed orders in a timely manner with a great attitude. She definitely has great potential for critical care medicine.

Victoria deserves to be recognized. This is not the first time she has recognized situations that need immediate attention. Two weeks ago she called me about a patient that "did not look right". The patient was unstable, needed ICU transfer and coded multiple times in the ICU. She is always on her "A game" and I have peace of mind when I know she is working.


Victoria Thomas is an excellent nurse. I'm proud to have her taking care of my husband. She has gone above and beyond her job. She took the time to know who my husband is and care for all his needs. She is truly a skilled and dedicated caregiver. Anyone should feel proud and honored to work with Victoria. She has great interpersonal skills and really cares about what she does. She paid special attention to my husband's needs and was able to meet each one. I had so many questions and she was happy to answer all of them. She took the time to explain things clearly.


My dad was on the Trauma Unit. When Victoria came on duty she went above and beyond her call of duty. Victoria is a great nurse and person. If I am ever in Dayton again and have to come to the hospital, it must be Miami Valley Hospital and I pray that Victoria is still here.

Thanks, Victoria, for taking care of my dad, step mom and me.


Kudos to Victoria Thomas for going above and beyond for her patient. Her patient expressed that she wanted to go outside to get fresh air. Victoria worked from 7p to 11p and after giving report at 11p she took the patient outside for about 20 minutes. After returning the patient to her room and getting her settled, she went to Taco Bell and got a snack for the patient and the patient's mother to share. The patient greatly appreciated the extra effort that Victoria took to make sure that she was taken care of. Upon coming into the room to introduce myself as her nurse that would take care of her the rest of the evening, the patient asked, "where is my Victoria?"

Little things can make a big difference for our patients!