Victoria Nielsen

Tori Nielsen

Victoria Nielsen, RN

Medical Intensive Care Unit
Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas
Austin, Texas
United States
Every day she went above the call of duty. One day Tori gave her a manicure and applied makeup.

Right from the beginning of Tori caring for my granddaughter, she made me feel like part of the team.  She allowed me to help with care.  But the most important thing was that she cared for my granddaughter with care and compassion.  Every day she went above the call of duty.  To give an example, one day she gave her a manicure and applied makeup.  Not only did this make her relaxed, but it showed everyone the truly beautiful girl she is.  I was truly blessed when Tori came into our lives.  Although my granddaughter was unresponsive, Tori treated her well and talked with her while doing anything and encouraged her to answer questions with blinking, which is her only form of communication.  She truly treated her as a whole person.  Love her!