Victoria Howe

Victoria Howe

Victoria Howe, RN

Maine Medical Center
Portland, Maine
United States

My father had been hospitalized for a week and a half after a surgical procedure at Maine Medical Center. At some point after his surgery, he had a brief stay on the 4th floor. Over a short time, his medical condition worsened due to a significant respiratory disease. Sadly, he passed away only a few days later.

As the news of my father's failing health became evident, my sister and I remained by his side during the last few days of his life. This included his 12 hour stay on the 4th floor under the amazing care of Nurse Tori. During this time, I observed Tori exhibit great compassion and empathy toward my father. I'm convinced that she didn't treat him like just another patient. She cared for him as if he was a special person to her. I am confident that her personal interactions provided him comfort. The caring manner in which she spoke to him and touched his hand or head were actions that seemed so much more sincere than I have ever seen any nurse demonstrate.

During that night and the days following, my sister and I spoke about how incredible Tori was with our father. In fact, my sister encouraged me to write this letter, though admittedly it is not very timely. Perhaps my tardiness makes this letter more meaningful, even after 2 months of grieving and recovery, we continue to find Tori's actions amazing.

Please know that of all the medical staff encountered during my interactions and observations at Maine Medical Center, Tori is by far the greatest staff member of all. Please pass along my, and my sister's, heartfelt gratitude for the way in which she cared for our father. Her passion for delivering exemplary nursing care did not go unnoticed.