Victor Casenelli

Victor Casenelli, RN

Camden Clark Medical Center
Parkersburg, West Virginia
United States

Nomination from a patient family: On behalf of my entire family, I would like to nominate him for a DAISY award. My mother was admitted to your hospital just before Easter. As the days passed her health became more and more unstable. She was moved to his unit. One emergency situation after another occurred which made life support necessary. My sister and I were understandably distressed and upset. We were immobilized by our love, grief, and fear and not yet able to decide between continuation of treatments or palliative care. We were in need of kindness, patience, and expert information. He realized this and gave us exactly what was needed. He spoke calmly and slowly, exploring the options using language we could understand. He spoke to us honestly, but wrapped his words in kindness and concern.
The decision for comfort care was made and he attended to my Mother’s every need. He explained what we could expect when life support was removed. He anticipated and cared for our emotional and physical needs. He recognized our spiritual needs and called for the chaplain. It was a time of great sadness but we found reassurance in his extraordinary care.
My Mother died peacefully, pain free, and surrounded by those who love her. For his large part in making that possible, my family would like to thank him. He is a true patient and family advocate.