Veronica Crowley

Veronica Crowley

Veronica Crowley, RN

St. Vincent Medical Center (CA)
Los Angeles, California
United States

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this nomination for the DAISY Award for Veronica Crowley RN. I wanted to share with you what a wonderful nurse Veronica is and how she truly exemplifies all the values that are upheld by this award. I often feel that because she is such a quiet and shy person that her good work often goes unnoticed.
Let me share a few examples of her compassionate care:

Veronica was caring for an elderly woman a few months ago near the end of her shift and when it came time to discharge her, Veronica discovered that she was homeless and had no where to stay. It was a very cold evening and the Social Workers had already left for the day. Veronica immediately started calling homeless shelters and stayed beyond her shift to ensure that this elderly patient had a place to go to. After many calls, she found a shelter that was willing to accept her and arranged transport for her to go to the shelter. Due to Veronica’s diligence, that patient did not have to spend the cold night on the streets. Veronica is never one to bring attention to herself and I found out about the incident from some of the associates present who were impressed by Veronica’s compassionate care.

Another example of her compassionate care is when we had a small, sick child come into the ED that needed to have an IV started. The child was frightened and crying, Veronica spoke to her softly and held her hand through the procedure and then went and bought her a toy from our gift shop to make her feel better. Both the mother and child were very grateful for Veronica’s kind actions.

A recent Press Ganey comment report also had several very nice comments about Veronica’s excellent care and one patient even called her “an angel”.

Veronica serves as charge nurse in the ED and is an excellent role model to new associates coming into the department. She often shares her excellent knowledge base with our less experienced nurses and also participates in all of the hospital’s charge nurse meetings. She is a member of the ED CARE council team and participates in all ED performance improvement projects. She is an invaluable part of our ED team and I feel the “perfect” example of what a DAISY Award nurse should be.