Vernon Furlow

Vernon Furlow

Vernon Furlow, RN

Grandview Medical Center
Birmingham, Alabama
United States
Vernon prayed with us and for us. He cried when we cried.

Vernon was always, always where we could see him if we needed anything. He brought my daughters warmed blankets when they were cold. When we were getting hungry and decided to go to the cafeteria he assured me if anything changed with my dad's condition he would personally come down and get me. Vernon prayed with us and for us. He cried when we cried. He expressed how great it was to see a family gathered around a father and grandfather because of the love we had for him. He initiated the attempted dialogue with my dad when we tried to get a response from him after removing sedation.

But the coolest thing I saw was when he sat down with my nephew, H. H just turned 16 and is the only grandchild old enough to have pictures with my dad before his stroke. H wasn't handling my dad's situation very well and had to sit down outside. Vernon saw him struggling, sat down beside him, and offered comfort. This is the difference between a good nurse and a great nurse.

My opinion/experience is that Vernon alone is Grandview.