Vanessa Luyten

Vanessa Luyten

Vanessa Luyten, RN

Emergency Department
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
Torrance, California
United States
Vanessa's therapeutic communication calms the patient down and convinces them to allow us to treat them. She truly has a gift.

Vanessa boosts department morale with her fair, respectful attitude, and she receives maximum support from staff with her “follow me” leadership style.  Her compassionate care of patients and staff in the unit is commendable.

She is especially good at treating Psychiatric patients.  The department jokes consistently that Vanessa is a psych whisperer.  On a serious note, she does de-escalate the situation which keeps patients from being placed in restraints and prevents staff from getting hurt.  Her therapeutic communication calms the patient down and convinces them to allow us to treat them.  She truly has a gift.

I have worked with Vanessa for a few years and she works very hard to make things better.  She makes departmental improvements a priority and the following are just a few examples:

Assignment tracking to ensure all nurses are rotated through less desirable assignments, thus establishing fairness and equality and eliminates preferential treatment.

If you have a scheduling issue, Vanessa surely can help you!  She doesn’t just say “no”.  She will find a way to make staffing work without being short so everyone is happy.

Advocates for nurses, both new and established, to receive desired training that advances their professional skills.  She just wants you to be your best at nursing.

Demonstrates a willingness to step into nursing roles outside of her managerial duties to lead by example, including assisting with multiple traumas, transporting patients, filling in as charge nurse of a unit, and educating patients and staff.

Recently, I witnessed Vanessa’s commitment to the well-being of staff and the patients in the department.  We had a challenging patient in the department who suffers from severe dementia.  Vanessa didn’t ignore and just walk by.  She took notice of the Nursing Attendant, who was assigned to the patient, having a tough time keeping the patient in their assigned room.  She intervened immediately.  She spoke to the primary nurse and made adjustments so that it was easier for everyone and better for the patient.  She even helped transport the patient and stayed on the admitting unit helping their staff until everything was situated.

Vanessa positively impacts nursing and she is very consistent.  Vanessa Luyten definitely fits the mold of a DAISY Nurse.