Vanessa Collett

Vanessa Collett

Vanessa Collett, RN

Medical Telemetry
CHI Franciscan Health - St. Clare Hospital (WA)
Lakewood, Washington
United States

Vanessa is an amazing nurse with a big heart and a brave soul! I feel privileged to work alongside her and have a few situations to share regarding her incredible work.

Her quick thinking and bravery came into play one day when a patient began choking. Vanessa literally leapt in and saved this man's life by performing the Heimlich maneuver. He had been in great distress and thanks to Vanessa, he was ok.

Vanessa showed her compassion and love for others when we had a homeless patient on our unit and Vanessa discovered it was the patient's son's birthday. Vanessa orchestrated a birthday party for him in the hospital room complete with cake, and Ninja Turtles, the boy's favorite.

She pours herself into her work, and does it with boldness and great humor. She is so deserving and it is my honor to nominate her for the DAISY Award.