Vanessa Austin
June 2017
Paediatric Intensive Care Unit
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
United Kingdom




Thank you to the wonderful team of nurses who took such good care of both our gorgeous son and us during our stay on the PICU at Queens Medical Centre.

I cannot begin to express the kindness and care that was given to our son and to us.  As parents, we did not expect to be looked after.  Our only wish was that our son be well looked after and receive the best possible care, which was given.  Our nurses, Vanessa, Sarah, Vanessa and Amanda, were just so kind to us and tried to make our son comfortable. They were so supportive, it was like having our very best friends holding our hands when we needed them most.  There was nobody else in this world that we would rather have had with us at this time.

Everyone on the PICU ward was full of such compassion and kindness that it leaves me speechless, there are no words that do them justice.  Although, our darling boy passed away, we know deep in our hearts that every possible thing had been done to try and make him better.  We will always be deeply indebted to the lovely people who helped us in our darkest of times.  What a wonderful team of nurses you have at your hospital.


We all know what great is, but this shows what great care feels like for our families. Despite the dreadful situation this family was in, they were 'held' so carefully by these lovely nurses.  We should be so proud we have such a fab culture in our children's intensive care unit. Such loving nurses, showing compassion in adversity.