Valerie Haynes

Valerie Haynes, RN

Saint Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Center
Worcester, Massachusetts
United States

Valeria Haynes is described by this patient as going above and beyond to make her stay more comfortable – she made that special connection that a DAISY winner is so known for.
The following scenario is an example of her patient care and ethics that highlights (as the DAISY foundation terms it) the super human work done by nurses every day. The patient wrote:
I live in a homeless shelter and have numerous health issues – medical and psychological. My husband is in jail due to repercussions regarding drug addiction. Valerie listened with empathy and made me feel so good inside that I choked up. She gave me hope for myself, my husband and our life together when he comes home in February. She was honest with me telling me that I need to take care of “Me” first then the rest will come - all the while having respect even though I’ve hit such a low point in both my life as well as in my community – God bless her.