Valerie Bradley

Valerie Bradley, LPN

UPMC McKeesport
McKeesport, Pennsylvania
United States

Valerie has been nominated and won Above & Beyond for her continued excellence in care of her patients. Each and every patient receives her undivided attention during her medication pass. She focuses on total care of each patient, utilizing her excellent interpersonal skills. Val identifies each and every need of her patients. She has even purchased reading glasses, underwear and chocolate to fulfill her patient’s needs. Currently Val is taking on line classes to become a RN while working a full time schedule. She never has a cross work toward anyone she works with. She encourages fellow nurses as well as student nurses. Each of her patients’s become familiar with their disease process and through Val’s diligent teaching and gentle prodding to manage their symptoms. Letters and thank you’s from Val’s patients are a daily occurrence. Val exemplifies what a “good nurse” should be. Her “fresh as a daisy” approach to nursing is infectious.