Tyffany Bedford

Tyffany Bedford

Tyffany Bedford, RN

3C Telemetry
St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital
Madison Heights, Michigan
United States

Tyffany Bedford, was honored with DAISY nominations from three family members of her patients and one of her co-workers. One of our associates said, "Tyffany is one of the most compassionate, genuinely nice and dedicated persons I've had the pleasure of working with. I love following her because I know she has given 100% to the patients in their care and has often stayed past shift hours to make sure doctors have called back and to help out when the shift is busy, always going the extra mile. The patients often rave about the care they have received and how Tyffany has reassured them and gone out of her way to make them comfortable. She is an amazing patient advocate and I consider myself lucky to have as a co-worker."

One of her patients said, "Tyffany is one of two nurses who have shown me an uncommon love and compassion for their patients that a person cannot buy in the hospital. I am proud to have met her and consider it a privilege to be in her care."

The sister of one of Tyffany's patients said, "Through my observation, I have found Tyffany to be very professional in the care of my older brother when I couldn't be at the hospital. I take care of him at home 24/7, and I feel comfortable that she was taking great care of his needs, beyond what an RN is assigned to do. My brother is autistic and she is so patient, caring, and took such wonderful care of his needs. I truly appreciate her dedication to my brother." Another sister stated that she "was so pleased with Tyffany and the care given to her brother. He is comfortable with his nurse. She always has a smile on her face and is always pleasant. She helps feed him and is never crabby. She is a great nurse."

Tyffany's manager, Kathy Scarpa, added her appreciation for Tyffany's dedication as a nurse. Tyffany was recently involved in a serious car accident, in which her car was totaled. With her hand wrapped from her injuries, she took a cab to come into work because she is so dedicated to her unit, her co-workers, and her patients.